He knows how everything works except people. 

That’s the most accurate assessment of Tony Stark’s character I’ve seen yet.

Fox Fringe Minimalist Posters

someone stop me from thinking about making mcmurphy a muse….


The Departed (2006)

i’m laughing really hard and i don’t know why

i can’t even take the mallet in the book seriously anymore man i try so hard to read jacky’s parts with nicholson’s face in mind and then i get to the frickign mallet and all i can think of is actual soap opera loser steven weber yelling and slurring at people i mean omfg

is this not the lamest person you’ve ever seen in your life just look at him look at his stupid shirt look at his hair look at that mallet i’m so


alternatives to “it was all just a dream”

  • it was all just a story the narrator heard somebody else tell on the bus
  • it was all just somebody rambling after getting their wisdom teeth out
  • it was all just a feature length puppet show
  • it was all just a set of cave paintings
  • it was all just a frighteningly elaborate set of instructions on the back of a microwaveable meal


I really do like it when people tell me about themselves. It doesn’t matter what, it can be about their day, what they did that they found amazing, what their hobbies are, etc. I like knowing about people, in a way, it makes me feel like they trust me. You’re not bothering me with your rambling, I actually prefer to listen.




how the hell do i talk to people

Stand in front of them and press A


nergaljr said:

ur aesthetic is: soft twink boy

send me a ☆ and ill tell you what i think your blog aesthetic is

a list of things that need to stop: matrix movies, nightmare on elm street movies


this was hanging in my school’s hallway they took it down a day later